Do you like floral print? -the 20's

floral print 20's 07


By the early 1920's, floral print was rarely used for a complete garment.
It tended to be used as the linings to coats to make a contrast against darker exterior,
or as parts of a dress such as pockets, collar or panels.
floral print 20's 08
1922. Panels of floral print fabric in a day dress.

Also, floral print was used for work wear, underwear and nightwear,
something which like aprons continued well into the 20th century.

It is true that there were some summer day dress of floral printed cotton,
and some evening dress of floral printed silk,
but there were exceptions and not high fashion.
Generally, 'art-silks' (rayon), which were relatively cheap and second class fabric,
were used for floral print at this date,
so dresses of floral prints was considered as for low-income young girls.
floral print 20's 04
1927. Working women.

On the other hand, the growth of leisure culture helped floral print attract attention.
As many women started working,
the number of people who visit the county or the seaside on their days off increased.
A tunic or jacket and a pair of trousers, known as beach pyjamas,
became fashionable summer wear,
and some of them were made of floral printed fabric.
Amateur sport became more and more popular,
and floral printed fabric were often used for dresses for spectate or sports wear.
Maybe it was preferred because it was not as elegant as high fashion,
and also different from daily wear.
floral print 20's 02
1923. Women who came to watch tennis game.

In the late 20's,
the designers in France, where the center of world fashion at this date,
started taking floral print in their fashion.
floral print 20's 03
1926. People came to the Spanish Shawl Show.

But, throughout the 20's, floral print was not something like
everyone wore for any occasion.

Here is some examples of floral print in the 20's.

floral print 20's 06
In the middle of 20's, beach pyjamas.

floral print 20's 01
In the early 20's, room or night wear.

floral print 20's 05
Middle of the 20's, rare floral printed silk day dress.

floral print 20's 10
floral print 20's 11
Middle of the 20's, day dresses.

floral print 20's 09
1926, advertisement.

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